Covers and Turkey Sandwiches

July 9, 2014|Posted in: Announcements, Life, Writing


 Waterdreamer. 96, 515 words. 280 pages. 24 chapters. Shiny new cover. Yay! Throws confetti. Drinks a bottle of wine.


Cover. I really struggled with this, because I wanted a girl on the cover. Didn’t work out. My fault. I have a clear picture in my head of how my characters look, in this case Caris, and wasn’t happy with any of the images. So, we have an object as the focal, and I like it. It’s relevant to the plot, and to me it looks all dreamy and watery, and you’d never know it by the title, but that’s what I was going for.

Blurb. You know, the back matter for the print cover and that little paragraph on Amazon written for the sole purpose to convince people they have to buy this book. It amazes me how I can write a 90,000 word novel and then go completely brain dead over a 200 hundred word blurb. I wish I was brave enough to just put, “This book is awesome. Read it.” On the to do list this week. Write a blurb.

Editing. Do all the editing I can before giving it to my copy editor at the end of the week, because despite numerous passes, in one sentence I still had “candle handle” instead of “I can handle.” I have a couple of really good friends who are going above and beyond the call of friendship and fiendishly reading this story and texting me when typos and errors are spotted. And they get nothing in return other than a thank you. And a personalized signed copy of the print edition. (I promise) And I’ll throw in a few rounds of beers. Heck, I may even throw a big party, and you’re all invited.

Speaking of editing, lesson learned from my first time around with Waterborn. True story here. I agonized and debated over content. How many cuss words are too many? More specifically how many f-bombs are too many? (I cut some because my mom asked me to) Do Caris and Noah have sex? And if they do, what kind of message do I want to send about the sex they have? (a topic for another post) Do I even want to send messages? Drinking? Drugs? My stories have all of these to one degree or another. My guideline was pretty much, would I let my kids read this, and the answer was, “yes.” But my youngest is now 18.

Regarding content, I was advised by a very dear and sweet author friend to be more conservative than not. Did it I take her advice? Not totally. Did I regret it? Yes. We’re only talking a few lines here, but after I published Waterborn, and it started getting downloads, I freaked out a little, and I ended up revising one particular scene and republishing. I’m trying not to make that mistake again.

BTW, if anyone has a good substitute for the f-bomb, I’m all ears. There are 4 in this book, and 3 of them come in the first chapter. And then there’s this line.

“Give me your hand, Dave.” I was kind of feeling bad about what I was about to do, but the way his eyes lit up, and he practically started drooling, like I’d just offered to give him a hand job, pissed me off. He had to be older than my dad, and he was wearing a wedding ring.”


Too crude? No big deal? Does anyone really care? Hell, I’ll probably end up changing it. (another BTW, I don’t consider hell and damn cuss words) Yes folks, that’s about as bad as it gets. Caris and Noah get hot and heavy a few times, but it’s tasteful and intricate to the plot, and they really do like each other.

Is it totally creepy as an author to have a crush on your own character?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this book should be available for purchase in September.

The above mentioned mother will be happy to note there is no use of GD in this story.

Turkey sandwiches. After a few years of trying to eat Paleo and avoiding bread, I’m obsessed with turkey sandwiches. I’m like, “Turkey sandwiches are so good.” It’s been my breakfast for the past week.

Now off to watch a youtube video on how to write a blurb.



  1. Natalie
    July 10, 2014

    I love this post! Can’t wait till September…..

  2. Kimberly James
    July 12, 2014

    Thanks, Natalie. I can’t either. I’m ready to get this one done.

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