Sep 9

September 9, 2014


Rant on Rent

I’ve been loving the Starz adaption of the book Outlander these last few weeks, watching each episode multiple times. The last one was entitled Rent. It struck a nerve with me, and not in a good way.  This show is based on my favorite book ever. I’ve read it no less than ten times. I can quote it about as well as my son can quote Lord of the Rings. Which is to say word for word. “But it wasn’t in the…

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Aug 29

August 29, 2014

Aug 18

August 18, 2014



The past week was interesting to say the least. On the homefront. -My niece had baby. -Daughter number one celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. We wore masks and ate cupcakes. -We got my youngest settled into her dorm and ready for her freshman year of college. I ate the best guacamole of my life at the Avenue Pub in Tuscaloosa. On the life front. -Got my hair colored and eyebrows waxed. This is a highlight because I always feel ten years…

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Aug 5

August 5, 2014

more pretty sky


First watch this. What do you do when your favorite book ever is made into a TV series? You stalk social media sites to glean any bit of information about character casting. Watch any and all Youtube videos that relate in any manner. You stay up and watch the midnight premiere. You watch it again the next morning. A day later you enlist your techie daughter’s help so you can watch it on a big screen and force your significant…

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Jul 17

July 17, 2014



People may love it. People may hate it. They may fall somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. I wrote another book. This is the point where I pat myself on the back. I’ve posted this before, but this is the final high resolution cover for Waterdreamer. Final stats: 99,880 words. 287 pages. 25 chapters. If you’d like a sneak peek, you can read an excerpt here.  And that blurb, GAH! Working on it. Now, the waiting begins. Waiting to get…

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